Interrupting the service during office hours

  • @Roalnd-Baldin
    We just received an email that you are planning to interrupt the service on 11-5 between 9AM - 11AM.

    Please elaborate why you planned this during office hours? We have hundreds of primary school teachers counting on our service.
    Why did you decide such a non-standard time frame to push a planned update?

    We all know that “a few minutes” because of an update, especially with “exciting new features” can turn into a lot longer.

    I’m worried about our customers not getting the “regular” service.

    Please reconsider the time frame so we are free to party about the “exciting new features”.

  • Deutsche Telekom IoT

    Hey @magnatron

    We understand your worries. Really. And that is exactly why the team picked this timeslot for the maintenance.

    We’ve been planning this since October 2020. The reason why we are already working on this upgrade and migration for more than 7 (!!) months, is because we want to mitigate all risks during and after this maintenance.

    Hence, we are very optmistic about our statement that the interruption will not last longer than just a few minutes.

    However, in case something goes wrong… we’d like to solve the problem as quickly as possible. And to solve it as quickly as possible, we need to involve people from different parts of the world.

    If we move the maintenance to another timeslot and something goes wrong, there us a high possibility that solving the problem will take more time than we want.

    For this reason, we see the announced time-slot as the time-slot with the least risk.

    But I promise you that we are doing everything to avoid problems. 🙂

  • Hey @afzal_m,

    Thanks for explaining. This helps.

    Please consider making this a protocol when sending out emails about service interruptions (planned or not).

    And please let us know what will happen with the sent data: Will devices need to send it again or will it arrive at our application after the update was successful?

    Once we know this, we can tell our customers what to expect and how to act on degraded functionality,